MyFitness Code of Conduct

As a MyFitness Volunteer, I agree to the following Code of Conduct:

I will, at all times while representing MyFitness, or any other associated companies, and at any time I am wearing the MyFitness branded apparel, whether it be at an Event or in a public place, conduct myself in a professional and responsible manner, and represent the values and ethics of MyFitness to the best of my ability

I will execute my duties in a professional and competent manner, and carry out my predetermined responsibilities agreed upon between myself and MyFitness as per my contractual obligations

I will take proper care of any MyFitness property placed in my possession or custody from time to time and return such property promptly when expected or requested to do so by MyFitness

I will not change, alter or deface any of the MyFitness apparel handed to me to wear at Events

I will read all briefing documentation prior to the Event and clarify anything I am unsure about prior to the Event

I will be punctual in the execution of my duties. If I cannot attend the Event, for whatsoever reason, or if I am running late, I will advise MyFitness timeously

I will arrive at the Event impeccably groomed

I will behave decorously at all times when acting within the course and scope of my role in order to protect the MyFitness reputation as a company of high reputation and so as, by association, not to bring the company's name into disrepute

I will co-operate fully with the MyFitness staff and any other representative of the MyFitness brand

I will not smoke at any Event or any time while wearing the MyFitness apparel

I will not use vulgarity, slander, racial or socially inappropriate language, content or imagery of any kind when representing MyFitness

I will positively interact with all other MyFitness Brand Ambassadors through all forms of contact, regardless of in person or online

I will honour the confidentiality of matters, documents and discussions, classified or implied as being confidential or secret

I will not make unconstructive, negative or derogatory comments about MyFitness or associated companies or representatives thereof

I will not use my official position to obtain private gifts or benefits for myself during the performance of my MyFitness official duties

I will not unfairly discriminate against any member of the public on account of race, gender, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, political persuasion, conscience, belief, culture or language

I will exhibit the highest standards of professional behaviour and I will be polite, helpful and reasonably accessible in my dealings with the public, at all times, treating members of the public with respect

I will be familiar with the MyFitness initiative and be able to answer simple questions related to the initiative

I will promote MyFitness on my social media channels in a professional and constructive manner and make sound judgement before posting. I will be polite and respectful of individuals opinions based on my posts. I will not attach any other company’s products, services or offerings in the same post without prior consent by MyFitness. MyFitness reserves the right to the remove any postings deemed to be inappropriate or in violation of their company ethos

It is recorded that MyFitness is the sole owner of the “myrun” logos, ideas, designs and other intellectual property rights used by MyFitness in the conduct of its business and that any use of same without the express written consent of MyFitness is strictly prohibited.

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