Race Director Roles and Responsibilities

The Race Directors role is to coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the event.

Below, please find a detailed list of the Race Director’s duties and obligations:

  • Arrive at the respective venue at least 90 (ninety) minutes prior to the start of the event
  • Ensure the event starts promptly at 08h00, unless otherwise agreed upon between myrun and the Race Director
  • Announce any changes to the start time to participants
  • Make decisions as to whether the conditions on a specific day are suitable for the event and may, in his/her discretion, modify the course, delay the start and under exceptional circumstances, cancel an Event on the day; and ensure that MyFitness and all relevant parties are made aware of the cancellation immediately
  • Ensure that Volunteers are trained on the use of all equipment provided by MyFitness
  • Be responsible for the organisation of the team of Volunteers and allocate them their designated roles
  • Ensure that all Volunteers behave in line with the MyFitness Code of Conduct
  • Hand out and retrieve Volunteer bibs to all Volunteers
  • Ensure that all electronic timing devices, as supplied by MyFitness, are charged and in working order prior to the start of the event
  • Ensure that all other equipment is in working order prior to the start of the event. If any equipment is stolen or damaged during the event, ensure that this is reported to MyFitness on the following Monday
  • Ensure that the timing equipment is set up correctly, the course is clearly marked, the marshals/Volunteers are at their designated positions, start and finish tear drop banners are in place, barrier tape laid out at the finish and the registration point is set up and clearly marked, half an hour prior to the start of the event
  • Conduct a pre-run speech, as provided by MyFitness in the Event Information Pack, where he/she will thank MyFitness Sponsors, describe the course, advise on the necessary safety measures and any other important information regarding the venue/course
  • Ensure that there is a trained individual who is can act as a Race Director and understands the duties thereof, in the event of you not being able to attend
  • Notify MyFitness 7 (seven) working days prior to the event of his/her unavailability to ensure that MyFitness can put in place an alternative Race Director. In exceptional circumstances where the Race Director is unable to attend the event at short notice, the Race Director will notify MyFitness immediately upon which he/she is aware that he/she will not be attending the event, and is to provide MyFitness with a contact person who will act as his/her representative
  • Be responsible for filling out an online MyFitness incident report if any serious injury/theft/violence/disturbing action takes place
  • Provide MyFitness with a list of unregistered Volunteers, together with their contact details, that may have assisted at the MyFitness event
  • Ensure that, on completion of the MyFitness event, all equipment issued to the Race Director as per the “Acknowledgement of Receipt of MyFitness Property” document is taken down, that a post event checklist is checked, and that the equipment is stored for safekeeping
  • Ensure that the venue is returned to its original state, or as close as possible to its original state, after the event
  • Take proper care of any MyFitness property placed in his/her possession and return such property promptly when expected or requested to do so by MyFitness
  • Be available for contact by MyFitness, within reasonable hours. He/she is to notify MyFitness in the event of being out of communication range for a significant period, and is to provide MyFitness with a contact person who will act as his/her representative
  • Maintain and upkeep the Venue social media pages to communicate any updates regarding events, venues, Volunteers, milestones, etc.
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